Taking your team to another level, with music and rhythm, South African style. Let our team entertain you with a great display of traditional djembe drumming and gumboot dancing…and then it’s your turn…

A fabulous indoors and/or outdoors experiential teambuilding program.

Duration: 2 hours Numbers: 10 - 200 pax

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With a number of fun and challenging options, the Quiz series is a combination of Sports and Music trivia as well as challenges such as 30 seconds, Giant Pictionary and Charades. The program can include a grand finale ‘Karaoke Challenge'.

A great ice-breaker, evening, or indoor teambuilding option.

Duration: 1 - 2 hours Numbers: 10 - 200 pax


In an ‘Amazing Race’ format, teams will be issued a game drive vehicle and guide and will need to navigate their way around the Pilanesberg National Park/game reserve and complete a number of exciting challenges, which will include the following:

Natural food and remedies of the bush, survival techniques like fire-making, bird, tree and animal identification, a ‘Survivor’ detour, all the while testing their navigation skills.

Duration: 2 hours Numbers: 10 - 200 pax

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The group will be divided into forensic investigation units and will be required to investigate a murder. Forensic evidence must be collected from the scene of the murder, the body dumping site, the vehicle and more, and once collected the evidence must be interpreted and the murderer named.

Duration: 2 - 3 hours Numbers: 10 - 200 pax


Test your engineering skills!

Using the Lego ‘Technic’ range, teams will need to complete different tasks in order ‘earn’ the plans to complete the Lego Model, which they will receive in pieces, and will have no idea of what the model looks like The faster and more accurate teams are in the field will determine how quickly they complete the model building excersize.

Duration: 2 - 4 hours Numbers: 10 - 200 pax


Release the inner artists in your team. With the assistance of our resident ‘art teacher’ your team is guaranteed to create a masterpiece whether it be painting on canvass, mosaic, ceramic art or glass art.

Challenges include: ‘Collective Collaboration’,’ Individual Flair’ or ‘Team Brand Build’.

Duration: 2 hours Numbers: 10 - 200 pax


A fully interactive program, based on the TV series ‘Survivor’, the group is split into tribes and those tribes will go head to head in a number of entertaining and fun challenges.

Identities must be created and teams will be tested to the limit as they must ‘out-play’, ‘out-think’ and ‘out-run’ each other to be the ‘Ultimate Survivors’.

Duration: 2 hours Numbers: 10 - 200 pax

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Teams will be divided into forensic investigation units but this time they will need to solve a murder that took place 2 million years ago. The suspects this time are not so usual as they are creatures such as the Giant Hyena, Sabre- toothed Cat or another hominid species. The program is hosted by Animal Planet personality and paleo-anthropologist, ‘Mad’ Mark Tennant.

Duration: 2 hours Numbers: 10 - 200 pax


An extremely popular teambuild, the Amazing Race challenge where teams will be allocated vehicles (with driver) and facilitator and must complete challenges throughout the day until they reach the finish point. Only once a challenge has been completed will the team receive their next clue in the Race. First team over the finish line will be the winners of the Race. Challenges include archery, go-karting, 10-pin bowling, cattle herding and more…

Teams can race to their conference venue or do an Amazing Race on foot at the venue…

Duration: 2 hours Numbers: 10 - 200 pax

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As part of the on-going efforts to prevent Rhino poaching in the Pilanesberg National Park and other Game Reserves, we have the privilege of assisting in Rhino capture programmes whereby clients have the opportunity to assist the Parks vets and conservationists in an on-going programme to dart rhinos so as to micro-chip the horn and notch the ears, as well as take important DNA samples for the national database.

Imagine an early morning, helicopters, vets, anti-poaching teams. This will prove to be one of the most exciting and exclusive experiences your team will have.

The animal’s safety comes first and no animal is ever darted more than once.

Duration: Half Day Numbers: Max pax - 30


A multi-faceted business challenge teambuild whereby teams will need to:

Choose a product, design a brand, shoot a commercial and do a formal presentation … based on the TV show, the Apprentice, teams will face the wrath of ‘the Don’ if they don’t get it right!

Duration: Full Day
Numbers: 10 - 100 pax

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This includes programs such as: Master Chef, Potjie Cook-off, Wine Blending, Chocolate and Champagne Tasting and Sushi

So its time to roll up the sleeves and don your chef’s hat in a bid to not only impress the judges but to satisfy your team with an amazing cuisine performance.

Duration: 2 - 3 Hours Numbers: 10 - 100 pax


The most fun you can have in a minute!

Let our game show host guide your teams through a number of challenges as seen on the TV show. Challenges to be completed in a minute include: Dizzy Mummy, Nutstacker, Hanky Panky, Candy Elevator and more…

Duration: 2 Hours
Numbers: 10 - 500 pax

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The ultimate in flying challenges

Your group will be broken up into navigation units/teams of 3 or 4 pax. The 1 st part of the program is learning to navigate ‘air-to- ground’, a 2 hour module, which takes place under strict instruction at Lanseria Flight School, after which each team is allocated a Cessna and a pilot with which to navigate their way over 5 landmarks, landing in the Pilanesberg National Park.

Duration: Half/full day Numbers: 6 - 30 pax


Let us entertain your guest with an evening of fun horse racing.

Each table will own their own horse, and will appoint a jockey or a number of jockeys to compete through the evening. Interactive horse racing will allow your delegates to manage their stable, manage their jockeys and manage their bets as they bet on not only their own horses but any other horse that they think would be a favourite to win the races...

Duration: 1 - 2 Hours Numbers: 10 - 200 pax


Imagine a whole audience of non-musicians becoming an orchestra in minutes, naturally and effortlessly.

Imagine the conductor not uttering a word yet speaking volumes – about leadership, communication, co-operation and synergy.

Imagine a learning experience more powerful than words…one idea, one beat, being in one focus and working with united energy.

An organisation is like an orchestra. As the Silent Conductor, Steve’s compelling presentation gives a hands-on musical experience of being a significant part of a powerful unit.

Duration: 1 - 2 Hours Numbers: 10 - 200 pax


Enjoy an afternoon of ‘Fun in the Sun’ as we introduce you to a range of colonial team sports.

Under umbrellas, sipping champagne and nibbling on cold cucumber sandwiches, each delegate will be allocated to a team and will compete against the other teams through the morning/afternoon at each of the challenges laid out, or games can be played at leisure. These include: Croquet, badminton, lawn cricket, archery…and more!

Duration: Half Day Numbers: 10 - 200 pax


An unforgettable experience based on the original ‘Lumberjack Games’ where our experts bring in equipment and teams are required to complete various fun and entertaining Lumberjack Challenges which can include the ‘Log Saw’, ‘Pole Toss’, ‘Chain Gang’…and more.

Duration: 1 - 2 Hours Numbers: 10 - 200 pax


As a company day out or just inflatables as part of a teambuilding program, we have a variety to choose from including: Giant Fooseball, Gladiator Joust, Gauntlet, Slip n Slide and more…

Duration: Half Day Numbers: 10 - 200 pax