artRelease the inner artists in your team. With the assistance of our resident ‘art teacher’ your team is guaranteed of creating a masterpiece whether it be painting on canvass, mosaic, ceramic art or glass art. Challenges include: ‘Collective Collaboration’,’ Individual Flair’ or ‘Team Brand Build’.

Options include:

Collective Collaboration

The group is broken up into teams and they have the option of doing a group collaboration which by the end of the session can be placed together where the sum of the canvasses equals the whole image.

Individual Flair

Where the group is broken up into smaller teams and these teams have the freedom of the canvass to create whatever masterpiece they wish, with help from our art teacher.

Team Brand Build

Again the group is broken up into teams and the teams are given a brief on their company brand and marketing tecniques which have to be emulated in creating a marketing advert on canvass.

Art Options

As well as the canvass painting option this teambuild can include the following:

· Mosaic Art
· Ceramic Art
· Glass Art


2 Hours


10 - 200 pax

10 - 20 pax
Per Person
40 pax
Per Person
60 pax
Per Person
80 pax
Per Person
100 pax
Per Person